Every week we have a range of different items made by passionate local producers available for pre-order.

You can register your pre-order by commenting on the relevant Facebook post or texting it to 07904 929374.  Please note that commenting elsewhere may result in your order being missed.

This page is used to keep a list of current offers and links to the relevant Facebook posts.

We update it through the day each Monday, so check back for new listings!

The Alpine Pizza

Family-run business making real wood fired pizzas in a converted trailer.

Available each week for collection from Wigston Fields News & Deli on Tuesdays.

Pizzas available with a range of toppings, including vegetarian options, from £7.00.

Pre-order by visiting this link.

You must order on the comment section of the relevant Facebook post for your order to be finalised

Pratik’s #NotJustACurryClub 

For collection on Friday 23rd April


– Traditional Grilled Chicken Tikka marinated in spices, coriander, ginger, garlic and yoghurt (dry dish) served with pickled onion rings (made with Chicken BREAST): £4.90 each 

– Grilled Beetroot Tiger prawns – made with ginger garlic, mint coriander (dry dish) (5 pieces): £6.90 each
NEW: Macaroni Cheese & Jalapeno Rolls: £2.50 each
– Vegetable Samosas (VEGAN): £1 each
– Onion Bhajis (VEGAN) (medium to hot): £1 each
– Dhokla (VEGAN) steamed savoury gram flour ‘cake’ with a garnish of tempered mustard seeds and fresh coriander: £2 each

– Chicken Tikka Korma – no words needed (Mild & Sweet): £6.90 each

– Chicken THIGH Karahi with potatoes – tomato with an onion based sauce with peppers & onions(medium to hot): £6.90 each
– Homestyle Lamb Curry- tomato and onion sauce (medium to hot): £9.90 each
– Seabass Malabar – made with coconut milk, onions tomato garnished with coriander (mild to medium): £9.90 each
– VEGAN Potato & Peas in thick tomato and onion based sauce (medium): £6.90 each
NAAN (Our Naans contain Egg and Dairy)
– Garlic & Coriander Naan
– Coconut Peshwari Naan
– Red Leicester & Cheddar Cheese Naan
All £2.50 each
NEW: THE Side Kit – £8
2 x Vegetarian ‘Sides of the Week’ (normally potato and rice)
2 x Rice
1 x Spiced Tomato and Lentil Broth
1 x Chopped Onion Tomato Salad
Chapattis (VEGAN) from Prince Foods: £2 each (for a pack of 4)
Theplas lightly Spiced chapattis: £2 each (for a pack of 4)
Poppadoms (for a pack of 6): £2.49
Lilu’s Pineapple Salsa: £3.95 each
Lilu’s Spicy Pickled Onions: £3.95 each
SIGNATURE – Mango Mint Yoghurt: £3.95 each
NEW Driver’s Spicy Mango Chutney: £3.95 each
DRIVER’S PICKLE Love – Spicy Calypso chutney made with mango, pineapple and assorted chillies: £3.95 each

Bento Box Sushi

Collection Thursday 22nd April 5pm

Casual Bento Box
The Casual Bento Box is one portion. Select the Bento Box main from the choice below.

All Bento Boxes come with the following:
-Savoury steamed rice cooked with petit pois
-“Dashimaki tamago” – traditional rolled omelette cooked with sakura prawns (spring onion in vegetarian option) and “dashi”, Japanese broth
-Butter sauteed bamboo with citrus ponzu sauce, sprinkled with “aonori”, an aromatic seaweed.
-Lightly steamed green vegetable and edible chrysanthemum petals with creamy sesame sauce
-Pickled mooli, ginger and beetroot


-Chicken yakitori – £11
-Softshell crab & vegetable tempura – £13 (limited numbers available)
-Unagi (freshwater eel) – £13 (limited numbers available)
-Sushi Mix with cubed salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber, steamed prawn and pickled vegetables – £14
-Teriyaki lotus root burger
-Meat option – Minced pork, crunchy lotus root & spring onions -£13
-Vegetarian option – Minced soy, shiitake mushroom & crunchy
lotus root – £13


Salmon sashimi:
1 portion, 6 slices – £8
2 portions, 12 slice – £14

Side Dish Menu (Serves two people)

Steamed edamame pods sauteed in garlic & chilli with a splash of yuzu (Japanese lemon) based soy sauce.
Suitable for Vegans £6

Burdock, carrot and sweet potato sauteed with sesame oil and soy sauce based savoury sauce.
Suitable for Vegans £7

Octopus and prawn “Sunomono”
Octopus, prawns, wakame seaweed, and cucumber marinated in a rice vinegar ginger dressing. “Sunomono” refers to dishes that are dressed with vinegar and is a very refreshing, light and delicious side dish which is a great accompaniment to a meal. £8

“Hijiki” Seaweed Salad
“Hijiki” seaweed is a rather undiscovered seaweed in the UK but it is very popular amongst my customers. So here is your chance to try! Simmered in Japanese style vegetable stock (“dashi”), with hijiki, deep fried tofu, edamame beans and carrot batons. Make your sushi meal nutritiously wholesome with this dish full of flavour, and fibre! Suitable for Vegans – £8

Surprisingly popular!
Fried Teriyaki Tofu
6pcs of crispy shallow fried teriyaki tofu. The tofu is pressed overnight then shallow fried in a homemade teriyaki sauce. Topped with Japanese seven spices called “Shichimi” and fried garlic infused chilli sauce giving it a flavoursome crunch. Suitable for Vegans – £8

Some items are subject to change without notice depending on availability.

Hambleton Bakery

Collection available every day of the week

Check our Hambleton menu here.

1. What bread/baked items would you like?
2. What day?
3. How many?
4. PM us your contact telephone.
Cut off for orders is 48 HOURS BEFORE your collection.


For collection on 22nd or 23rd April

– Salted Caramel (V) Salted caramel frosting
– Homer (v)- Vanilla frosting, sprinkles
– Glazed (V) – Our classic glaze
– Just Jam (V) – Snowdusting, mixed fruit jam
– Red Velvet – Vanilla fudge, red velvet cake
– Cookie Monster– Vanilla fudge, crushed biscuits
– Biscoff Billionaire (v) – Chocolate frosting, caramelised biscuit crumb, Biscoff drizzle
– Party Ring (V) – Vanilla frosting, buttercream, Party Ring biscuits, confetti sprinkles
– Cherry Bakewell (V) – Almond-flavoured frosting, cherry pie filling, flaked almonds
– Mud pie (v) – Chocolate!
– Powdered Lemon – Lemon curd with powdered lemon icing
– Bueno – Hazelnut and chocolate frosting
– Mystery DOUGHNUT – chef’s special of the week, are you willing to be surprised? (NOT VEGAN)


For collection on Saturday 23rd April from 11am
– Croissants: £1.30 each
– Pain Au Choc: £1.50 each
– Chocolate Orange Eclair: £3 each
NEW SPECIAL: unTraditional ENGLISH Eclair with Chocolate top – Fresh cream centre: £3 each
– mini ROSEMARY PORK Sausage roll: £2 each
– mini CHORIZO roll: £2 each
NEW: Family Quiche/TART OPTION to feed 5-7 people: £15 – ORDER a LARGE Quiche

Fresh Cream Cakes

For collection Saturday 23rd April after 11am

Fresh cream lemon iced bun
Fresh Cream Jam Horns
Cream Jam Donuts
Cream Jam Fruit Scone
All: £1.50 each
(only 65 available)
lemon split buns