Every week we have a range of different items made by passionate local producers available for pre-order.

You can register your pre-order by commenting on the relevant Facebook post or texting it to 07904929374.  Commenting elsewhere may result in your order being missed.

This page is used to keep a list of current offers and links to the relevant Facebook posts. We update it through the day each Monday, so check back for new listings!

You must order on the comment section of the relevant Facebook post for your order to be finalised

Pratik’s #NotJustACurryClub – for collection on Friday 15th January

– Chicken Tikka Shashlik marinated in spices, ginger, garlic & yoghurt (Dry dish) £4.90 each
– VEGAN Hariyali JACKFRUIT SHASHLIK marinated in coriander ginger, garlic & coconut yoghurt with peppers & Onions (Dry Dish) £4.90 each
– Vegetable Samosas (VEGAN) £1 each
– Onion Bhajis (VEGAN) (medium to hot) £1 each
– Dhokla – (VEGAN) steamed savoury gram flour ‘cake’ with a garnish of tempered mustard seeds & fresh coriander £2 each
– NEW Macaroni Cheese & Jalapeno Rolls – £2.50 each

– Chicken Tikka Korma – no details needed (Mild & Sweet) £6.90 each
– LOW FAT Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi – tomato & onion based sauce with Chicken pieces (Medium) with less oil £6.90 each
– Lamb Makhani Masala – Slow cooked Lamb with a Cream, tomato & onion sauce £9.90 each
VEGAN Potato & Cauliflower – mustard seeds, onion & tomato £6.90

NAAN (Our Naans contain Egg & Dairy)
– Garlic & Coriander Naan
– NEW Coconut Peshwari Naan
– NEW Roasted Red Chilli & Cheese naan
£2.50 each

Chapattis (VEGAN) from Prince Foods £2 each (4)
Theplas lightly Spiced chapattis £2 each (4)
Poppadoms (6) £2.49
Lilu’s Pineapple Salsa – £3.95 each
Lilu’s Spicy Pickled Onions – £3.95 each
SIGNATURE – Mango Mint yoghurt – £3.95 each
DRIVERS – Spicy Calypso chutney made with Mango pineapple & assorted chillies £3.95 each
DRIVERS Mango Chutney £3.95 each
Spicy Garlic Chutney/marinade – £2 each

#NotJustACurry Club

Hambleton Bakery – collection available every day of the week

Check our Hambleton menu here.

1. What bread/baked items would you like?
2. What day?
3. How many?
4. PM us your contact telephone.
Cut off for orders is 48 HOURS BEFORE your collection.
hambleton cheese straws


Christmas Dinner Mini Sausage Rolls from Noni’s Family Kitchen – for collection on 15th and 16th January

£2 each
Noni's Family Kitchen Christmas dinner sausage rolls

Omotenashi Dining – Collect Thursday 21st January

1) 12pcs of Pork Gyoza

2) 12 pcs Mushroom Gyoza As explained above.
1 for £7, 2 for £13, 3 for £18
Rolled Sushi
3) 8 pcs salmon, avocado and pickled vegetables rolled with tobiko caviar £12
4) 8pcs Vegan thick roll £12
Bento Box: An all-in-one with main & sides boxed together
5) Teriyaki chicken Bento box £15
6) Teriyaki aubergine & tofu Bento Box with homemade crunchy garlic and ginger infused sesame & chilli oil. Suitable for vegetarians. £15
Sides (Serves 2)
7) Shirataki noodles, thinly sliced beef & vegetables simmered in savoury dashi broth £10
8) Prawn “Sunomono” £7
9) “Hijiki” Seaweed Salad. Suitable for vegetarians £8
10) Sweet potato salad with herbal & chrysanthemum leaves. Suitable for vegetarians £7
Omotenashi sushi

Doughnotts – for collection on 15th-17th January

STANDARD flavours – £2.25 each
– Salted Caramel (V) Salted caramel frosting
– Homer (v)- Vanilla Frosting, Sprinkles
– Glazed (V) – Our classic glaze
– Just Jam (V) – Snowdusting, Mixed Fruit Jam
– Red Velvet – Vanilla Fudge, Red Velvet Cake
– Cookie Monster– Vanilla Fudge, Crushed Biscuits
– Biscoff Billionaire (v) – Chocolate Frosting, Caramelised Biscuit Crumb, Biscoff Drizzle
– Party Ring (V) – Vanilla Frosting, Buttercream, Party Ring Biscuits, Confetti Sprinkles
– Cherry Bakewell (V) – Almond Flavoured Frosting, Cherry Pie Filling, Flaked Almonds (IMAGE)
– Mud pie (v) – Chocolate!
– Thicka than a Snicka – Chocolate Frosting, Peanut Nibs, White Chocolate Drizzle, Caramel filling (Nuts)
– Bueno – hazelnut & chocolate frosting
– Mystery DOUGHNUT – chefs special of the week, are you willing to be surprised? (NOT VEGAN)
Doughnotts doughnuts